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BATTS is the project of Melbourne based singer-songwriter and producer, Tanya Batt. After collaborating with NASA on her debut record ‘The Grand Tour’, Batt turned her sights back to Earth collaborating on this record with American artists - Sharon Van Etten & Deep Sea Diver. It was made in the Australian bush with her band members and honounary sixth member Alex O'Gorman engineering, surrounded by horses and lorikeets often joining the band for lunch.

The Nightline’s open-book honesty traces the contours of grief, trauma and living with disabling chronic illness, following Batt’s diagnosis with Vestibular Migraine and PPPD. Her unflinching ability to deal with deeply emotive subject matter, and her ambitious vision as a producer. After the passing of her father-in-law in 2019, Batt focused on making an album he would have loved.


1. The Nightline
2. All That I Need
3. Summer In London
4. Blue Feat. Sharon Van Etten
5. Call It What It Is
6. Broken Toes
7. Reassess The Marks
8. Warm Wine
9. Temporary Selfish Behaviour
10. Free
11. Linger Feat. Deep Sea Diver
12. Keeping On

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