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My God Is Blue - 2022 Repress

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“Don’t listen to my record, listen to my message, vibrate to my music, let’s merge our dreams, together spreading our combined energy in an immense blue wave that will flood the world - and the truth with emerge.”

Announcing his long awaited return with this distinct message, Sébastien Tellier bounds back to the forefront of our collective musical conscience with his highly anticipated fourth studio album, My God Is Blue.

It’s a record whose message is powered by something almighty, by some higher plane, by something much more spiritually significant than anything else the Parisian artist has composed to date. It’s an album harbouring a prophetic philosophy and a vision of ideality, an album whose music seeks to not only entertain, inspire and charm, but also to create a community of like minded individuals searching to follow their dreams, and find their true path in life.

“I’d finished my tour for Sexuality and needed to recharge and re-motivate myself to go and make a new record,” says Tellier. “But I was a little bit… lost. I was looking for a subject that I was passionate about.” It was this search, this quest for spiritual and musical inspiration that led Tellier to take heed of the advice that “ to be able to make pure music, you have to focus on removing yourself, distancing yourself from your dreams.”

As such, Tellier began to notice a pattern in his dreams, and one which would go on to become the foundation of his latest oeuvre: “It had a really strong effect on me, I realised that I had blue dreams, I was having blue visions. When I went back to Paris to start making music, I wrote while thinking about what this meant, thinking about blue dreams, about spirituality, about truth.”


A1. Pepito Bleu
A2. The Colour Of Your Mind
A3. Sedulous
A4. Cochon Ville
A5. Magical Hurricane
A6. Russian Attractions
B1. Mayday
B2. Draw Your World
B3. My Poseidon
B4. Against The Law
B5. My God Is Blue
B6. Yes It's Possible

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