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For Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber, the idea of rebirth is a creative driving force – an artistic device which not only informs their work, but anchors it. As the avant-garde electronic group Tosca, the two artists have lived many musical lives, from their early electronic experiments with tape decks to the blissed-out dub compositions with which they have made their name.

Their latest project, OSAM, takes this idea of renewal even further. A meditative journey through rhythm and texture, the album represents a new chapter for the Austrian duo. It’s as much an instrument for change as it is a source of inspiration. ‘Osam’ is a direct translation of the number eight in Serbian, but it also acts as the mediaeval symbol for a fresh start – a renaissance. This is their ninth studio album but in true Tosca style when they started working on the concept for the record, they thought it was their eighth.


1. Nobody Cares
2. Gentleman
3. Osam
4. Shout Sister
5. Tropical
6. Clean Up
7. Troststrasse
8. Entrecote
9. Dementamente
10. Early Bird
11. Make Up
12. ECM2

A1. Nobody Cares
A2. Gentleman
A3. Osam
B1. Shout Sister
B2. Tropical
B3. Clean Up
C1. Troststrasse
C2. Entrecote
C3. Dementamente
D1. Early Bird
D2. Make Up
D3. ECM2

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