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Since 2017 FSOL have released whats called Calendar albums, which are digitally delivered monthly tracks that form a 12 track album by the end of the year. This release picks the best tracks from the last 4 years and brings them together in a seamlessly mixed 50 minute journey - 11 songs from FSOL, Humanoid and Synth-a engineered and mixed by Yage at FSOL's 9Lwest Studios.


1. Frozen Air
2. Surrounding The Garden Is A Fog - Synthi-a
3. Artificial Placement Of Emotion
4. Blacked Out Windows
5. Commensalism
6. Near Field
7. Alertions
8. Riverbed
9. Obscured By Dark Intervals
10. Propagate - Humanoid
11. Memories Of Yesterday 

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