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A new Soccer96 album is a chance for Danalogue (Dan Leavers) and Betamax (Maxwell Hallett) to return to something of a spiritual creative home. Between them, the keyboardist and drummer have become synonymous with the thriving London jazz scene and, in their mind-bending incarnation as the astral synths-and-drums pairing, they’ve traversed stylistic worlds. Over nearly a decade, the duo have metamorphosed from a DIY outfit whose rough-edged recordings hit with a punk spirit, to cosmic dreamers that use sound to travel the reaches of the mind.

“The record is inspired by the idea of humanity’s ever-increasing entanglement with technology and artificial intelligence, balancing fears and moral concerns with the possibilities of evolution’s next phase".


1 Enter The Vortex
2 Prelude To The Age Of Transhumanism
3 Psychic Mechanics
4 Dopamine Ft. Nuha Ruby Ra
5 Entanglement
6 Red Skies Of The Anthropocene
7 Sitting On A Satellite Ft. Salami Rose Joe Louis
8 Use Music To Kill
9 Perfect Dystopia
10 Telepathic DNA
11 Interplanetary Meditations
12 Carry Us Home 

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