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At just 21-years-old, p-rallel has cultivated a reputation that most can only ever dream of. He’s become a go-to producer in the scene and one of the most important polymaths of his generation, partly responsible for changing the future of the London clubbing and sonic landscape.

His latest EP, ‘Soundboy’, oozes confidence and style as p-rallel delivers his strongest project yet.

Features include Greentea Peng, Louis Culture, Nayana IZ, Lord Apex and Venna, as well as a remix from IZCO and an extended instrumental version of ‘soulboy’, exclusive to this vinyl format.


Soulboy (Ft. Greentea Peng)
WestBorn (Ft. Venna)
Packed Bags (Ft. Louis Culture)
Know Why (Ft. Nayana IZ)
Been Living (Ft. Lord Apex)
Soulboy (IZCO Remix)
Soulboy (Instrumental)

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