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Afrodeutsche (Henrietta Smith-Rolla), is a British born Ghanaian / Russian / German artist, composer, producer, and DJ based in Manchester.

Afrodeutsche’s DJ style is a synthesis of Drexciyan and Underground Resistance - inspired selections, intercut with a variety of forward thinking UK techno such as Bola and Lego Feet.

"Break Before Make" seeks to re-align the disposia of global electronic community into a united universal consciousness. You won't find standard chord progressions and linear arrangements here; instead, an almost cinematic journey through mainframes, drum machines and synthesizes voiced and transferred through a modern, mystic muse.

Certain to take the listener on a journey when enjoyed start to finish, whether in a crowd or solo; but there's plenty of nuggets can be mined from the album for the adventurous DJ too. In particular, Afrodeutsche's attention to new and evolved displays of rhythm, texture and mood elevate the album into a so-far unchartered realm. Top marks. 


Matt says: A long time cometh for this local lass destined for big things. If you don't know by now... get to know! Big ups Hen !


Side 1
1. Day Tuner (2:27)
2. And! (3:54)
3. Guess What (7:08)
Side 2
1. Work It (4:53)
2. Now What (5:15)
3. Start Again Part Four (4:23)
Side 3
1. Blanket Ban (5:07)
2. Filandank (4:02)
3. Wtfwtfwtf (3:37)
4. You Heard Me The First Time (3:30)
Side 4
1. The Middle Middle (4:16)
2. Hiaea (6:46)
3. OD (2:33)
4. The Beginning (2:49)

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