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Future Dust

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"Future Dust" is an album that retools rock’s dark past for the present day while having an absolute blast. Loose blues grooves, religious references and falsetto backing vocals abound on songs that explore issues including social media witch hunts, eating disorders and depression, but never lose sight of a singalong. The Amazons were the most hotly tipped band of 2017 and followed through with their debut album reaching #8 in the official chart.


Mine says: Big melodies, big vocals, The Amazons are bound for big things... 'Future Dust' is stadium rock in the making.


Side 1
1. Mother
2. Fuzzy Tree
3. 25
4. The Mire
5. Doubt It
6. All Over Town

Side 2
1. End Of Wonder
2. Dark Visions
3. 25 (reprise)
4. Warning Sign
5. Georgia

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