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Heroes To Zeros

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Arguably one of the most acclaimed and loved bands of the past 20 years, by both fans and their musical peers alike, The Beta Band formed in St. Andrews, Scotland, in 1996. Innovative and singular, their unique musical and aesthetic approach to everything they did set them far apart from their musical contemporaries. Together for a relatively short period of time, the three albums and three EPs they released between 1996 and 2004 would nonetheless help define them as one of the most exciting and cherished bands of their generation.

“Heroes to Zeros” is the third and final studio album by The Beta Band released in 2004. It was mixed by famed producer Nigel Godrich and rose to number 18 in the UK charts.


A1. Assessment
A2. Space
A3. Lion Thief
A4. Easy
A5. Wonderful
A6. Troubles
B1. Out-Side
B2. Space Beatle
B3. Rhododendron
B4. Liquid Bird
B5. Simple
B6. Pure For

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