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In the world of electronic dance music, Âme stand apart. Since 2003, the duo of Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer have cut a singular path through techno, house, minimal, ambient and more with their anthemic singles and mixes. Just the other day we (me, Dave and shop 'furniture' Francis Woof) were discussing their long list of club credentials But 2018 reveals their finest achievement yet, their debut full-length album "Dream House". It both sounds unmistakably like Âme and unlike anything you’ve ever heard from the duo, an evocative home listening journey enacted after 15 years spent crafting dancefloor weapons. It's more cinematic, sprawling and varied, however that keen ear for sound design, plus a unparalleled craft at carving out unique electronics rhythms remains intact; making this a thoroughly stimulating listen from beginning to end!


Sil says: FUll length by veterans Ame offering you their own vision of house music. It is dreamy as the title suggests, hypnotic, moody at times. But it is also hopeful and melodic. In truth, if you know what they are all about, what you find in this LP is no surprise. It is just good old Ame.


01 The Line Ft. Matthew Herbert
02 Queen Of Toys
03 Gerne Ft. Gudrun Gut
04 Deadlocked Ft. Roedelius
05 Blind Eye Ft. Planningtorock
06 Positivland
07 Helliconia
08 Futuro Antico
09 No War
10 Give Me Your Ghost Ft. Jens Kuross
11 Oldorado

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