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Something Else

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This is first full length offering from the Brian Jonestown Massacre for 2018 , a second, self titled, album will be coming out in September. This is the 17th full length release from the band & the style is less experimental & more of a retracing back to the traditional sound of the band .Recorded between 2017 & 2018 , this 9 track album will please old & new fans alike. 


Barry says: Being one of the most prolific men on the planet, it's always surprising when Anton Newcombe manages to, time and time again, come up with the goods. I shouldn't be surprised anymore really, and 'Something Else' may finally be the point at which I stop thinking BJM's winning streak will come to an end, it never will, this is as superb as anything we've heard from Newcombe, and will definitely be on the player this time next year. ANOTHER masterpiece.


1) ) Hold That Thought 
2) Animal Wisdom 
3) Psychic Lips 
4) Skin And Bones 
5) My Poor Heart 
6) My Love 
7) Who Dreams Of Cats? 
8) Fragmentation 
9) Silent Stream

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