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Skinhead Hits The Town 1968-1969

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The 'skinhead' sound grew from the music that was coming out of Jamaica around 1968 to 1971 and was adopted by the British youth. The music seemed tailor made for their sharp look and natty dress style, a style that was heavily influenced by the Jamaican 'rude boy' look. The skinhead movement started around 1968 and by the following year it became the style fashion of English teenagers. The uniform consisted of boots, braces and jeans and the upbeat sound of reggae seemed to match the style perfectly. The tempo of the music seemed to pick up around 1966 to 1968 - the Rocksteady period, which was when the earlier Ska sound slowed down.
The sound system dances needed a slower bear to swing the night away to, some say to cater for the extreme heatwave that hit Jamaica around that time.
Here's a bunch of tunes that would have provided a sound track to those heady times, so sit back and enjoy some of the tunes the youths were listening to when the skinheads hit town….


Side One
Track 1 Copycats-Derrick Morgan & Owen Grey
Track 2 Children Get Ready-The Versatiles
Track 3 Hey Boy,Hey Girl-Derrick & Patsy
Track 4 Scarface-Bunny Lee Allstars
Track 5 Bangarang-Stranger Cole & Lester Sterling
Track 6 Rhythm Hips-Ronald Russell
Track 7 River To The Bank-Derrick Morgan

Side Two
Track 8 The Worm-Lloyd Robinson
Track 9 Drink & Gamble-Young Freddie
Track 10 Last Flight To Reggae City-Stranger Cole & Lester Sterling
Track 11 Push Push-The Termites
Track 12 The Horse-Eric Barnett
Track 13 Lets Have Some Fun-Dervon & The Tartans
Track 14 Buy Me A Rainbow-Max Romeo
Track 15 Q Club-Lennox Brown*
Track 16 The Return Of Al Capone-Peter Tosh*
Track 17 Girl What Are You Doing To Me -Owen Grey*

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