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MGMT return for their fourth LP, in almost exaclty ten years since their almost cripplingly popular debut, Oracular Spectacular. Breaking away from the catchy generation Y glitter-bomb of 'Time To Pretend' or 'Kids' could drive a less-determined duo to mania, but VanWyndarden Goldwasser are nothing if not tenacious. 

Their newest lurches from queasy neon keys and vicious percussive flourishes (She Works Out Too Much, Days That Got Away) over the top of mellow, warped lounge into wistful melody-heavy glumtronica, swimming in atmosphere and packed to the brim with feels (Me And Michael, When You're Small). 

It is a fascinating and capable return for MGMT, clearly showing they deserve more credit than those early hits have offered them. This is a nuanced and mature journey, fittingly showing a good cross-section of their sizeable talents. 


Barry says: A true display of how far MGMT have come since their early hit singles, still embracing their synthy aesthetic, but bringing in a host of diverse stylistic influences to complete their warm and varied sound.


1. "She Works Out Too Much" 4:38
2. "Little Dark Age" 4:59
3. "When You Die" 4:23
4. "Me And Michael" 4:49
5. "TSLAMP" 4:29
6. "James" 3:52
7. "Days That Got Away" 4:44
8. "One Thing Left To Try" 4:20
9. "When You're Small" 3:30
10. "Hand It Over" 4:14

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