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“Bridging perfectly the space in between Butterfly Child’s astonishing early EPs and the ravishing ‘Honeymoon Suite’ set, ‘Onomatopoeia’ is perhaps BC’s most startling opus – as gnarly and grainy as it is shot through with radiant light, as interested in the turbid sonics of street life as it is in the magical transportation enacted by great song writing, as prone to wide-eyed innocence as red-eyed reflection . The sounds here are spacey, dazzling, sometimes bumping with A.R Kane-style beats, sometimes a beatless chiaroscuro of analogue and digital wonder – always changing, always opening up new antechambers to wander and wonder in. Contemporaneous to Disco Inferno, Bark Psychosis and other 90s UK bands keen on finding new ways to make pop matter to the listener, ‘Onomatopoeia’ throughout stakes out its own unique turf - Cassidy’s sound and vision drawing in jazz, folk, psychedelia, industrial-noise and dreampop to craft an aperture through to other worlds, a window still stained poignantly with the detritus and drift of earthly life. Both stellar and concrete, hard-boiled and impossibly hopeful ‘Onomatopoeia’ remains a uniquely ambitious, properly transcendent masterpiece. Essential.”

Neil Kulkarni, 2017.


1) Ave 2) Our Lady Mississip 3) Lunar Eclipse 4) Who Said What To Whom 5) Young Virgins Call For Mutiny 6) X: Celcius 7) Cancer Killed Capricorn 8) Triumphant 9) Verte Ecole 10) Stars Light Up Orleans 11) Queen Glass 12) Eva

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