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Safer With Wolves

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A Recordings

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Peter Holmström named his solo project Pete International Airport after a song by his other band The Dandy Warhols. Safer With The Wolves…’ is a meticulously crafted psyche rock journey into the dark heart of electronica upon which Peter has enlisted the help of numerous like-minded musical allies. One of which, if you’re to believe a certain infamous rock documentary called Dig! is an unexpected union; the Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe is releasing ‘Safer With The Wolves…’ on his own record label A Recordings. The albums’ 11 tracks feature a variety of guest singers and collaborators including Robert Levon Been (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), Alex Maas (Black Angels), Lisa Elle (Dark Horses), Jason Sebastian Russo (Hopewell, Mercury Rev), Jsun Atoms (The Upside Down, Daydream Machine), Emil Nikolaisen (Sereena-Maneesh) and Jeremy Sherrer (The Dandy Warhols, Modest Mouse, The Shins)


1) Even Happier 
2) Señorita 
3) Hurray For The People 
4) Flowers Of Evil 
5) VHS Or Beta Fish 
6) Love In Reverse 
7) Western Shouting
8) Dance Around The Broken 
9) After All  
10) Happens All The Time  
11) Cloven Hooves

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