Two Sevens Clash - 40th Anniversary Edition

Image of Culture - Two Sevens Clash - 40th Anniversary Edition
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VP Records

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40th anniversary edition of the classic ‘Two Sevens Clash’ album now expanded with a second disc of 12” disco mixes, DJ cuts and dubs. "Two Sevens Clash" from Culture was the must-have reggae accessory for any self-respecting music fan back in that long hot summer of ‘77. Loaded up with hit anthems like “See Them A Come”, “I Am Not Ashamed”, “Natty Dread Taking Over” and the prophetic title track. "Two Sevens Clash" remains the defining album statement of the year that reggae crossed over.


A1. Calling Rasta For I
A2. I'm Alone In The Wilderness
A3. Pirate Days
A4. Two Sevens Clash
A5. I'm Not Ashamed
B1. Get Ready To Ride The Lion To Zion
B2. Black Starliner Must Come
B3. Jah Pretty Face
B4. See Them A Come
B5. Natty Dread Taking Over
C1. Two Sevens Clash / Prophecy Revealed (feat. Mr Bojangles)
C2. Fulfillment - The Mighty Two
D1. I'm Not Ashamed / Under Tight Wraps (feat. I Roy)
D2. I Am Not Ashamed (Version) - The Mighty Two
E1. See Them A Come / Mask Mi Mask (feat. Prince Weedy)
E2. Informer
E3. Informer (Version) - The Mighty Two
E4. State Of Emergncy - Joe Gibbs & The Professionals
E5. Natty Pass His GCE - Shorty The President
F1. Natty Dread Taking Over / Invasion (feat. I Roy)
F2. Natty Gone Clear - Joe Gibbs & The Professionals

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