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The Laboratory Project - Taste Masters Vol 5

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The Laboratory Project

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Whilst the key institutions of the British music industry may be based largely in London it doesn't mean that the capital city has the monopoly when it comes to British music talent. The North West of England has an immense musical legacy, and having just spent the last few months putting this compilation together, it is absolutely clear that it has a great future ahead."

Taste Masters 5 features 19 tracks from 19 different bands, artists and ensembles based in Manchester and the surrounding areas. It offers an eclectic mix of music across a broad spectrum of genres and styles, from indie rock to ambient electronica and many things in between. Hence this album a good place to discover things that are happening in the North West Music scene right now, and maybe even encounter some of its future stars for the first time.

The album features talented new faces, contemporary artists on the rise, and some of the region’s time served, respected practitioners, bringing together old guard with the new. 


1. Levelz Rowdy Badd
2. Rum Thief Dirty Shoes
3. Fret Sector Aziiz
4. Dust Junkys Another Day
5. Death To The Strange Witches
6. Noir Noir Black Hats
7. Stillia Let You Know
8. Free Wize Men Live A Little
9. Massonix Harpopolis
10. Lynch So Low
11. Combination Head Consumer Fool
12. Elizabeth Vince Wake
13. No Hot Ashes Easy Peeler
14. Salford Jets Looking At The Squares
15. Paul (PASH) Hutchinson Taxi
16. MC Tunes Style Is Poetry
17. Re:tract You Leave It Behind
18. Five Days North Past Times
19. Liam Blake New Love, New World

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