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Produced by Ray Man and mixed by Nick Launay (Kate Bush, Lou Reed, Arcade Fire), it was recorded at the trio's shared house over a year and a half. Every time they gigged and the songs changed, they'd re-record them. The record to them, after all, is meant to be "the menu of the live experience." "[The songs change every night] and that depends on the audience, the room and the atmosphere," Nile explains. "It shouldn't be 'we have an album, let us play it for you'. It's 'we are a band and we have recorded us playing for you'."

TV Broke My Brain certainly captures the energy and passion that goes into the band, and presents it with its American alt-rock influences (you can hear everything from Sonic Youth to The Shins in its 11 tracks) firmly on its sleeve. Unplug yourself from the matrix of gadgets in your life and connect with Man Made instead.


Andy says: Excellent, energetic, melodic guitar pop from these up and coming Mancunians. Recommended.


Carsick Cars
Hi Tech Low Life
You Never Know How It Feels
Raining In My Head
Plastic Key To Living
Everything We Miss
Bring Some
Nobody's Dreaming
All Mine
TV Broke My Brain

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