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The Messenger

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Having initially found fame as guitarist and ‘curator’ of all things music with The Smiths, the ever pragmatic and effortlessly cool Johnny Marr did not take long to find his feet post Smithsdom. Having kick-started a (Britpop) generation of guitarists with his rickenbacker-esque fretwork in The Smiths, Johnny went on to find fame in super-group Electronic before eventually joining both Modest Mouse and The Cribs respectively as a semi-permanent member, performing on and touring at least one record with both acts. Somewhere in between all of this, with a fleeting appearance as a member of The The, Marr’s first foray into solo territory began - a debut record from Johnny Marr & The Healers. Now, 10 years on - and this time sans The Healers, Marr returns with his most accomplished work to date.


Andy says: At last, Johnny sounds like Johnny! Respect to J.M. for not wanting to be pigeonholed, but here he is chiming, ringing and rocking just like in the old days. What's more, these are pop-songs, every one a potential single. Superb.


1 The Right Thing Right
2 I Want The Heartbeat
3 European Me
4 Upstarts
5 Lockdown
6 The Messenger
7 Generate! Generate!
8 Say Demesne
9 Sun & Moon
10 The Crack Up
11 New Town Velocity
12 Word Starts Attack

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