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Big Beat From Badsville

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Big Beat

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As the Cramps approached their 20th anniversary, they showed no signs of changing their signature kitschy psychobilly style. 'Big Beat From Badsville' is a collection of campy songs about sex, horror, violence, leather and perversion - well what else did you expect?! Sonically, it's slightly rawer than it's predecessor, Flamejob, and the group's performances are as inspired here as they are on any of their other '90s albums.


Cramp Stomp
God Monster
It Thing Hard-On
Like A Bad Girl Should
Sheena's In A Goth Gang
Queen Of Pain
Monkey With Your Tail
Devil Behind That Bush
Super Goo
Hypno Sex Ray
Burn She-Devil, Burn
Wet Nightmare
Badass Bug
Haulass Hyena

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