Sun Structures

Image of Temples - Sun Structures
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Heavenly Recordings

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The album was recorded at home, in the box-room of James's house in Kettering, an end terrace with a blessedly forgiving neighbour. "I'm always apologising to him for the noise, but he says, 'It's not noise, it's music,'" says James. The band aim for Jack Nietzche production on a DIY budget – and succeed. "It's similar to Joe Meek – he used to record vocals in his bathroom in his flat on Holloway Road," says Tom. "The way I see it, there aren't any limitations any more," says James. "If you know what you want to achieve, there's always a way around it."


Andy says: Cool as you like psychedelic pop album, with some massive melodies and trippy sounds.


1 Shelter Song
2 Sun Structures
3 The Golden Throne
4 Keep In The Dark
5 Mesmerise
6 Move With The Season
7 Colours To Life
8 A Question Isn't Answered
9 The Guesser
10 Test Of Time
11 Sand Dance
12 Fragment's Light 

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