For Years

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'For Years', the debut album from Airhead aka Rob McAndrews marks the four year transition from student producer to international touring musician, playing to vast audiences across the world as guitarist for his childhood friend James Blake, writing and jamming in the studio with James and Brian Eno, and DJing on the finest club soundsystems modern technology has to offer.

It spans from tracks like 'Azure Race', 'Milkola Bottle' and 'Knives' (featuring James) - the kind of intensely introspective and sometimes “forlorn and sad” atmospheres you'd expect from a young man fiercely dedicated to his craft above all else - through to more recent tracks like 'Callow' and the sun-dappled 'Fault Line' with their gentle female vocals and playful rhythms.

Enter into 'For Years' and it's like a strange and beautiful building that you'll want to explore differently each time. Even after many listens you'll find spaces opening up you'd never come across before, sometimes with the finest detail revealing something new that will leave you breathless and speechless... in a good way.


1. Wait
2. Milkola Bottle
3. Callow
4. Masami
5. Pyramid Lake
6. Azure Race
7. Autumn
8. Fault Line
9. Lightmeters
10. Knives

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