Helado Negro

Canta Lechuza

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Asthmatic Kitty

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Helado Negro is Roberto Carlos Lange, sometime collaborator of Scott Herren in Savath & Savalas and occasional conspirator with Jaytram of Yeasayer.

Whilst his last full length, ‘Awe Owe’, was a Funkadelican mega-opus, this is a more personal beast, a solo affair built lovingly from live instruments, percussion, and field recordings, all processed through electronics, computers, and synthesizers. It is an album with very defined songs, its song-structure has been laboured over; choruses count bigtime, confident breakdowns and digi-pop bridges are all part and parcel of the greater good.

His voice recalls ‘China Girl’-era David Bowie; a relaxed and tropical Peter Gabriel (or even Peter Murphy).


1. Globitos
2. Regresa
3. 2º Dia
4. Lechuguilla
5. Cenar En La Manana
6. El Oeste
7. Obra Uno
8. Oreja De Arena
9. Con Suerte
10. Calculas
11. Alcanzar

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