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Brooklyn Sound Solution

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"Pardon us for living, but the graveyard is full." Or so goes the title of a new documentary film telling the tale of The Fleshtones. While that sentiment is a bit tongue-in-cheek, it's also true. The Fleshtones have been grinding out garage rock before garage rock was even called garage rock, and turning rock clubs like Max's Kansas City into impromptu discos for over 30 years.

While chart hits and magazine covers weren't to be their fate; a reputation as the hardest working, most sincere rock band on the planet was cultivated in the process. The result of that distinction is their new album Brooklyn Sound Solution featuring the legendary Lenny Kaye. In addition to his role as long-time guitarist for Patti Smith, Kaye also curated the seminal garage and psychedelic music compilations Nuggets. Have a problem you can't solve? The Fleshtones offer you a Brooklyn Sound Solution.


Comin’ Home Baby
I Wish You Would
Day Tripper
Bite Of My Soul
You Give Me Nothing To Go On (Instrumental Version)
I Can’t Hide
Solution #1
Rats In My Kitchen
Back Beat #1
You Give Me Nothing To Go On
Solution #2
Lost On Xandu

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