King Creosote & Jon Hopkins

Diamond Mine

Image of King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Diamond Mine

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"Diamond Mine" is a unique and heartrending collaboration between Scottish Fence Collective boss and singer King Creosote and electronic talent and sound sculptor Jon Hopkins.

Described by King Creosote as a 'soundtrack to a romanticised version of a life lived in a Scottish coastal village', the record weaves in field recordings of Fife life, bike wheels, spring tides, tea cups and café chatter to produce a beautiful, unique and timeless album.

The album is already being talked about as King Creosote’s masterpiece, a modern equivalent of Talk Talk’s "Spirit of Eden".


1. First Watch
2. John Taylor’s Month Away
3. Bats In The Attic
4. Running On Fumes
5. Bubble
6. Your Own Spell
7. Your Young Voice

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