Parades & Under Giant Trees - Special Edition

Image of Efterklang - Parades & Under Giant Trees - Special Edition
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The Leaf Label

About this item

One of two double CD reissues containing Efterklang’s first two full-length albums, together with their accompanying Eps, in deluxe foldout card packaging with new 16-page booklets containing sleeve notes written by the band.

Watershed second album "Parades" is now joined by the long-deleted "Under Giant Trees" mini-album. This also features two live recordings of tracks from the album.


1. Polygyne
2. Mirador
3. Him Poe Poe
4. Horseback Tenors
5. Mimeo
6. Frida Found A Friend
7. Maison De Réflexion
8. Blowing Lungs Like Bubbles
9. Caravan
10. Illuminant
11. Cutting Ice To Snow

1. Falling Horses
2. Himmelbjerget
3. Hands Playing Butterfly
4. Towards The Bare Hill
5. Jojo
6. Mirador (Live)
7. Cutting Ice To Snow (Live)

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