The Zephyrs

Fool Of Regrets

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Club AC30

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The stunning fifth album by Edinburgh's psychedelic magicians, The Zephyrs, their first release for five years. Originally tipped by Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite, The Zephyrs have recorded for Mogwai's Rock Action label, Spain's Acuarela label and Setanta, and now sign to Club AC30 for "Fool Of Regrets". Starting as a solo album for Stuart Nicol, the recordings soon embraced the other members of the band and "Fool Of Regrets" began to take shape at Diving Bell Lounge studio in Glasgow, produced by Michael Brennan and Marcus MacKay, with a set of friends and guest players - Mogwai's Barry Burns contributed Richard Manuel-esque piano, Lisa Jen Brown, in the middle of a Gruff Rhys tour added backing vocals and Gruff Rhys sang harmony; and Mary MacMaster (contributor to Sting's recent 'early music' project) played harp. The Zephyrs do a beautiful and seemingly impossible thing - they manage to combine the epic grandeur of Mogwai with the country-rock of Gram Parsons. The songs flow with a psychedelic, somnambulant ambience - country music in slow motion.
For fans of Low, Mojave 3, and Grandaddy.

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