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Field Music (Measure)

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Following a self-imposed three year hiatus Sunderland's Field Music return with a new 20 track double album. Powered, as ever, by brothers and co-front men Peter and David Brewis, "Field Music (Measure)" is a gloriously rich LP that entwines the brother's renewed love of the rock music cannon with a rediscovery of some of pop's overlooked adventurers.
From the dissonant funk of "Let's Write A Book" (a call to arms for the perpetually apologetic), the mutated blues of "Each Time Is A New Time" (a riposte to misplaced faith in repetition), the chopping and splashing pop of "Them That Do Nothing" (perhaps about a valiant willingness to make mistakes), the multilayered riffery of "The Rest Is Noise" or the epic found-sound song cycle that starts with "See You Later" "Field Music (Measure)" is the sound of one of the UK's finest bands in supreme and confident control.


1. In The Mirror
2. Them That Do Nothing
3. Each Time Is A New Time
4. Measure
5. Effortlessly
6. Clear Water
7. Lights Up
8. All You'd Ever Need To Say
9. Let's Write A Book
10. You And I
11. The Rest Is Noise
12. Curves Of The Needle
13. Choosing Numbers
14. The Wheels Are In Place
15. First Come The Wish
16. Precious Plans
17. See You Later
18. Something Familiar
19. Share The Words
20. It's About Time

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