Climb Up

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ATP Recordings

About this item

"Climb Up" is a major departure and massive leap forward from Apse's most notable predecessor, "Spirit" - which was completed 4 years prior. They return with a different line-up and their horizons broadened. This is the sound of a 'post post-rock' (the term was often used to label Apse and "Spirit") band reaching out to a new audience, and finding a new identity. Where "Spirit" explored a dark world of reverberant guitars, ambient passages and minimal, haunting vocals, "Climb Up" proves a bold step out of that darkness. "Climb Up" was recorded entirely by the band in their homes. The bulk of the arrangements and mixing were authored by Bobby Jed and Michael. The ever-changing obtuse creative strategies of Bobby and Michael, paired with the adept musical knowledge and performance abilities of Jed and Brandon - and the diverse inspirations of all members combined to create an album that bares a fantastic dialogue between imagination and songcraft. "Climb Up" is wildly unique, versatile, and inarguably the bravest yet most accessible work by the band.

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