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ATP Recordings

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Apse consist of five lads from the East Coast who have been playing together – with slight changes in line-up - during the last 7 years, creating one of the most serious and inspired sounds today: the nerve of slowcore, bits of post-rock dynamics and avant-garde perceptions; beauty, darkness and tension. They showcase a solid, potent and mature musical sense with influences spanning classical compositions, Slint, Joy Division/New Order, and The Cure – to the first Sonic Youth noise adventures, ambient music and a wide range of post-punk. "Spirit" leads the listener through it's multi-percussional swamplands, plodding bass riffs, and alien melodies - both bittersweet and empowering. It is chock full of post-punk's disjointed rhythms, rough guitar passages and tribal stomp. Layers of tone and hand percussion top it all off, creating a beautifully produced record that's a damaged pop odyssey as much as it is a breathtaking wall-of-sound.

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