Thought Becomes Reality

Image of Circulus - Thought Becomes Reality
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Mythical Cake

About this item

British band Circulus have almost single handedly reinvented English Psychedelic Folk Rock for the 21st Century. This, their long awaited third album, brings you more of the bands "Twisted Mushroom Pixie Rock". Circulus first made their mark on British music in 2005 with the release of "The Lick on the Tip of an Envelope yet to be Sent" which appeared in the top fifty albums of the year in Mojo, The Observer and NME. Circulus have heralded the recent 'acid folk' craze - alongside other protagonists of the genre such as Espers and Tunng - yet their sound is totally unique coming across like a mixture of medieval English Folk, Fairport Convention and Ozric Tentacles! This new album takes the band into melodic pop territory with some beautiful multi part harmonies alongside the usual bucolic mayhem!

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