Naked Acid

Image of Valet - Naked Acid
Record Label
Kranky Records

About this item

Kranky's run of superlative albums continues (3 albums in The Wire's Top 50 Records Of The Year 2007) with the second solo release from Portland artist Valet, aka Honey Owens, following up her widely lauded "Blood Is Clean" album from early 2007, another trip through the fertile garden of her imagination. From the gentle narcotic haze of the album opener "We Went There", which is dissected by Honey's trademark incendiary guitar work, to the lazy alien country blues of "Fuck It", and through the hyperventilating rhythmic distortion of the closer "Streets", "Naked Acid" is a fever dream of ghostly incantation and smudged psychedelia. Honey Owens has collaborated with a number of well-known and obscure artists including Jackie-O Motherfucker and Nudge and has been an important figure in the Portland, Oregan experimental music scene for more than 10 years. 'A beguiling, meandering combination of trance-like chants, pulsating drones and frazzled guitar doodles'. - The Wire.

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