Rakennus (Live)

Image of Circle - Rakennus (Live)
Record Label
Ektro Records

About this item

Approximately the seventh full length Circle release this year - is an hour-long snapshot of the band's recent tour of the USA. The concert (recorded in September in Charlottesville, Virginia) thunders and wobbles onwards with unprocessed authenticity. The recording effectively captures the full spectrum of Circle's contemporary live expression, revealing to us a glimpse of the spiritual landscapes of the most astonishing speedkraut pioneers of our times. There's an abundance of ritualistic rumbling to be discovered between the twitchy hard rock show opener "Uusi Uhraus" and "Kaappikellon Kummitus", the ravishing Rättö Ja Lehtisalo cover song that closes the album. Rakennus displays the joy of playing music in its most pure form.

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