Cortina Deluxx

Cortina Deluxx EP

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Humble Soul

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Jojo Thomas (vocals, piano, chord organ) and Danny Norbury (cello) have known each other for over ten years, but only started playing music together in the spring of 2005. More time passed before they finally emerged from those early sessions to perform in public for the first time, appearing under various names: Mitten Blue; Jo and Danny; The Cortina Club; before finally settling on Cortina Deluxx, the name inspired by the little chord organ used on two of the five tracks appearing on this EP. The duo soon became a trio with the addition of Jon Thorne (Lamb, Martha Tilston, Lou Rhodes) on double bass. This record is Cortina Deluxx's first release for Humble Soul. Subtly recorded in intimate sessions at the label's Manchester studio, the songs mark personal statements for Jojo. Starting with the haunting melancholy of "Ready About?", the 'Jojo' side continues with the bleak piano and cello minimalism of "Cold Weather", which will leave you holding your breath until the very last note fades into the run out groove. Flipping over to the 'Danny' side, you will discover the infectious, hypnotic groove that is "Just The Same", followed by "Going Home", where the piano's jolly bounce forms an ironic backdrop to the acerbic wit of the lyrics. "Not the Same" provides a fitting finale to the collection, an atmospheric reprise of Danny's wonderful cello arrangement from "Just the Same".

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