Super Furry Animals

Hey Venus

Image of Super Furry Animals - Hey Venus
Record Label
Rough Trade

About this item

Not as overtly ambitious as their recent work, SFA's unabashed return to simple power pop sees the group create their most coherent record since "Radiator". Eleven effortlessly crafted songs that hold together as an addictive pop album, "Hey Venus!" is by turns typically frenzied and blissfully relaxed. Combining the lush spacey arrangements and sun-kissed vocal harmonies characteristic of Spector, Wilson and Bacharach with more than a little glam rocker 'tude, Gruff and the boys have both rewarded long-term fans and delightfully converted those who had long since dismissed their wizardry (even in this very shop!) Despite its greater discipline, "Hey Venus!" sees them both continuing to progress whilst joyfully confounding expectations. Indeed, by embracing such disparate influences as soft-psych, lackadaisical soul and bubblegum pop, the Furries have once again proved their vitality and necessity to the pop music sphere.

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