Dan Deacon

Spiderman Of The Rings

Image of Dan Deacon - Spiderman Of The Rings
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Carpark Records

About this item

'Spiderman of the Rings', originally released on CD and LP in 2007, was the album that introduced the music world at large to the songs of Baltimore’s Dan Deacon. For years, Deacon had been honing his compositional and performing chops with a relentless DIY touring schedule. 'Spiderman of the Rings' presents a picture of a songwriter-performer at an early creative growth spurt and is the first full-length album on which disparate, experimental, conceptual pieces made way for infectious, road-tested, noise-pop hits. Spiderman was almost universally lauded by the music press upon its first release, and the record is littered with live staples and fan favourites, such as “Crystal Cat”, “Wham City”, and “Okie Dokie”.

Deacon went on to reach yet greater critical and commercial heights with his 2009 two-disc opus 'Bromst'. The success of 'Bromst' and the news of Deacon’s soundtrack for Francis Ford Coppola’s upcoming film Twixt have inspired many to rediscover Dan’s breakout album, 'Spiderman'.


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