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Hustle (Soundtrack From The Netflix Film)

    After discovering a once-in-a-lifetime player with a rocky past abroad, a down on his luck basketball scout (Adam Sandler) takes it upon himself to bring the phenom to the States without his team's approval. Against the odds, they have one final shot to prove they have what it takes to make it in the NBA.

    Dan Deacon is a Baltimore-based recording artist and performer renowned for his five studio albums of innovative electronic music, his live performances in both contemporary and classical settings, and his extensive body of work in film scores.

    Deacon has premiered compositions at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, and collaborated with artists and institutions including Kronos Quartet, Sō Percussion, The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the LA Philharmonic, and Justin Peck with the New York City Ballet. Deacon has also toured internationally with popular recording artists including Arcade Fire, Miley Cyrus, Future Islands, and The Flaming Lips. His albums Spiderman of the Rings and Bromst were both named Best New Music by Pitchfork, and his album Gliss Riffer received 4-star reviews from outlets such as AllMusic and The Guardian. His most recent studio album is 2020’s Mystic Familiar.

    Deacon’s original film and television scores include Twixt (Francis Ford Coppola, 2011), Rat Film (Theo Anthony, 2016), Time Trial (Finlay Pretsell, 2017), Well Groomed (Rebecca Stern, 2019), Strawberry Mansion (Albert Birney and Kentucker Audley, 2021), the 2021 PBS documentary series Philly D.A., and All Light, Everywhere (Theo Anthony, 2021). Deacon also scored Jessica Kingdon’s Ascension, which won Best Documentary Feature at Tribeca 2021 and earned a nomination for Best Documentary Feature at the 2022 Academy Awards; Deacon’s work on the film took home the Best Score prize at the 2022 Cinema Eye Honors.

    2022 sees the debut of Deacon's latest film score, the Adam Sandler Netflix feature Hustle, directed by Jeremiah Zagar, now available for pre-order on vinyl in collaboration with Diggers Factory. 


    A1. Combine
    A2. Streetball
    A3. Oak Tree
    A4. Best Month
    A5. Bo Vs Kermit Pt 1
    A6. Run Up Hill Win
    A7. Streetball One On One
    A8. Drive To Combine
    A9. Kermit First Contact
    A10.Like I Was Not Even Here
    B1. Court Walk
    B2. Already Dead
    B3. Bo Boards Bus
    B4. Coaching Debut Pt 1 & Pt 2
    B5. The Chase
    B6. Run Up Hill Fail
    B7. Are You Obsessed
    B8. Coaching Moment
    B9. Never Back Down

    With Mystic Familiar, Dan gives us the result of years of obsessive work, play, and self-discovery. It’s at once his most emotionally open record and his most transcendent, 11 kaleidoscopic tracks of majestic synth-pop that exponentially expand his sound with unfettered imagination and newfound vulnerability.

    Since 2015’s Gliss Riffer, Deacon has branched out into an array of collaborative projects including film scores to Rat Film, HBO’sWell Groomed, ESPN’s30 for 30: Subject to Review; collaborating with the NYCBallet’s resident choreographer Justin Peck, LAPhil and Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

    While fulfilling, these projects lacked Dan’s singing voice. In the midst of that whirlwind of activity, he returned whenever he could to a personal oasis⁠—the songs that would become Mystic Familiar, informed by all these collaborations but built from within. Deacon’s writing took an exploratory new direction developed with therapeutic practices of self-compassion and mindfulness, daily prompts from Brian Eno’s deck of Oblique Strategies and the use of meditation. These techniques produced songs that paint life as a psychedelic journey brimming with bliss and disruption, darkness and light.

    It’s a vulnerable shift in a songbook abundant with characters, metaphors, and modulations. This voice-focused album is also the first record in which each song was built around one central concept—the Mystic Familiar, a supernatural other being that we carry with us everywhere in our head, which only we can hear and with whom we live our lives in eternal conversation.

    Mystic Familiar takes a propulsive leap with the robot-performed drums and soaring melodies of “Sat By a Tree.” Lyrically, the song conjures campfire reflections on key memories with the hard-won clarity of time, a dialogue with an anthropomorphic tree on chilling out, and befores and afters of life and death. The video, directed by Daren Rabinovitch offilm and animation studioEncyclopedia Pictura and starring comedian Aparna Nancherla, uses natural world elements, vivid colors, and a cartoon-like aesthetic to reflect on time and the precious shortness of life (not for those with an aversion to bugs).


    Barry says: 2015's 'Glass Riffer' didn't some off my turntable for quite some time, and i'm pretty sure this will meet the same fate. Huge swathes of synth and bright percussives shine through below the off-piste vocals and chaotic bitcrushed scree. It's marvellous, and completely insane.


    1. Become A Mountain
    2. Hypnagogic
    3. Sat By A Tree
    4. Arp I: Wide Eyed
    5. Arp II: Float Away
    6. Arp III: Far From Shore
    7. Arp IV: Any Moment
    8. Weeping Birch
    9. Fell Into The Ocean
    10. My Friend
    11. Bumble Bee Crown King

    Dan Deacon

    Rat Film: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

      Domino Soundtracks are proud to present their first release, an original soundtrack recording from Dan Deacon of the provocative essay-film ‘Rat Film’, to be released in October 2017.

      ‘Rat Film’ marks Deacon’s first full record devoted to modern composition. In between his four ecstatic electronic-pop albums, Deacon has frequently flexed the 21st Century classical muscles he first developed studying at SUNY Purchase’s Conservatory Of Music.

      ‘Rat Film’ offers the first recorded document of this parallel career - and both as a self-contained album and a companion piece to an equally potent film, it astounds.

      “The aesthetic audacity alone is intriguing; combined with Maureen Jones’s icily robotic narration and Dan Deacon’s eerie electronic score, the effect is somewhere between confounding and mesmerizing.” - New York Times

      “‘Rat Film’, in other words, is not your typical documentary, and its mesmerizing electronica score by Dan Deacon - full of whirring, bleeping and blipping, cacophonous noise, and ominous tonal swells - only enhances its eccentricity.” - The Daily Beast


      Horn Phase
      Reed Clouds
      Rat Poison
      Video Game
      Harold’s Lament
      Map Overlays

      Dan Deacon


        By now you'll know Baltimore's Dan Deacon. Dubbed 'oddball' by many, 'inspired' by more he's one guy treading many thin lines - confidently straddling - between nutjob and genius, downright brilliant and insanely mind-bending, and with a live show from another world inducing more audience participation than a seriously skewed pantomime. The fact is Dan Deacon is special. And now, three years since the creation of UK debut LP "Spiderman Of The Rings", comes the new album "Bromst". Recorded and mixed by Brett Allen in North Western Montana studio SnowGhost, and clocking in at 70 minutes it fuses together the intensity of his live shows with his background in electro-acoustic composition. The outcome is a collection of pieces that are intense and epic, but down to earth and welcoming. "Bromst" embodies the same energy and excitement as "Spiderman Of The Rings", but the craftsmanship and composition has a wider scope and richer palette. And anyone who's ever found themselves gathered around the mad scientist-like, Daffy Duck T-shirt wearing dude behind an array of multicoloured gaffa-taped equipment and mid tag-team dance contests, beckoning at strangers and taking part in frenzied sing-alongs will know the Dan Deacon experience.

        1. Build Voice
        2. Red F
        3. Paddling Ghost
        4. Snookered
        5. Of The Mountains
        6. Surprise Stefani
        7. Wet Wings
        8. Woof Woof
        9. Slow With Horns/Run For Your Life
        10. Baltihorse
        11. Get Older

        Dan Deacon

        Spiderman Of The Rings

          'Spiderman of the Rings', originally released on CD and LP in 2007, was the album that introduced the music world at large to the songs of Baltimore’s Dan Deacon. For years, Deacon had been honing his compositional and performing chops with a relentless DIY touring schedule. 'Spiderman of the Rings' presents a picture of a songwriter-performer at an early creative growth spurt and is the first full-length album on which disparate, experimental, conceptual pieces made way for infectious, road-tested, noise-pop hits. Spiderman was almost universally lauded by the music press upon its first release, and the record is littered with live staples and fan favourites, such as “Crystal Cat”, “Wham City”, and “Okie Dokie”.

          Deacon went on to reach yet greater critical and commercial heights with his 2009 two-disc opus 'Bromst'. The success of 'Bromst' and the news of Deacon’s soundtrack for Francis Ford Coppola’s upcoming film Twixt have inspired many to rediscover Dan’s breakout album, 'Spiderman'.

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