White Hills

Heads On Fire (Re-Issue)

Image of White Hills - Heads On Fire (Re-Issue)
Record Label
Thrill Jockey / Rocket Recordings

About this item

Overdue reissue of Heads on Fire, the out of print second album by New Yorks White Hills. Since this release their first for Rocket the band have gone to release several very highly regarded albums for Thrill Jockey. Ever changing and always striving to push the envelope, White Hills album Heads on Fire finds the band playing a heavier style of spacerock. Relentless and punishing, the album kicks off with the spacey swirl of the song ‘Radiate’ and ends with the speedladen blast of the track ‘Eternity’. Along the way, a mesmerising blend of growlling fuzz / wah guitar, pounding bass, sprawling synth, and chaotic drumming doses one’s head three sheets to the wind.

Whether it be the mere one minute track ‘Return of Speed Toilet’ or the 26 plus minute ‘Don’t Be Afraid’, the listener will be taken on ride through a world that is all encompassing from beginning to end. The band started in New York as a solo project by Dave W. Since then it has turned into a trio, with Ego Sensation (bass) plus various drummers which has included Kid Millions of Oneida fame. Like Oneida, White Hills also share a love for a hard rock stripped of its bombast, their heavier, dirtier, earthier influences contend with airier atmospheres while combining steadiness with spacious soaring guitars, these heads are always on fire!


01. Radiate
02. Oceans Of Sound
03. Return Of Speed Toilet
04. Visions Of The Past, Present And Future
05. Don’t Be Afraid
06. Eternity

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