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Too Dark Park - 2024 Reissue

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Influential industrial pioneers Skinny Puppy welcomed audiences into the embrace of the seminal Too Dark Park in 1990

One of the band's most influential records, it includes "Tormentor," "Spasmolytic," and more. In addition to praise from Vice and many more, Metal Hammer fittingly named it one of the "10 Best Industrial Albums," and Spin summed it up best as a "return to the bloodbath." A menacing and massive pastiche of H.P. Lovecraftstyle cosmic horror, addiction, mental disarray, and the disintegration of nature, Too Dark Park remains a cataclysmic and chaotic classic through and through.

Now available on vinyl for the first time in 30 years to celebrate the 35th anniversary since release. Legends of electronic industrial music. Restored to original art on classic black vinyl. "10 best industrial albums - metal hammer"


Rash Reflection
Nature's Revenge
Shore Lined Poison
Grave Wisdom
Morpheus Laughing

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