Dispatches From Solitude

Image of Ortrotasce - Dispatches From Solitude
Record Label
Dark Entries

About this item

Dispatches From Solitude is the latest album from Ortrotasce on the mighty Dark Entries. For over a decade, the man behind this project, Nic Hamersly, has been making brooding yet propulsive darkwave anthems that draw on the similarities and differences between industrial and synth-pop, all while connecting past and present sounds. He recorded this album during the Covid and post-Covid era and it captures some of the prevailing moods of those times across eight expertly crafted synth-pop tracks that delve into grief, romance, and the weird and wonderful nature of our modern world.


Side 1
1. "Distant In Time"
2. "No Mortal Harmony"
3. "Failing Star"
4. "Romance & War"

Side 2
1. "Dispatches From Solitude"
2. "Part From Myself"
3. "Systems Of Love"
4. "Shorting Circuit"

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