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Where Are You? EP

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Strange Times Entertainment LLC

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Chameleons are releasing their first new material in more than twenty years – this is ‘gig only’ vinyl, but Piccadilly Records has exclusively secured 100 copies.

An artful combination that embraces their past work while opening their arms to creative expansion, ‘Where Are You?’ slots neatly into the band’s oeuvre. Led with an arresting trademark guitar hook, Burgess’ familiar and immediately recognisable vocals soar effortlessly over the tight precision of the rhythm section.

“It’s exciting to finally be putting out fresh Chameleons material for the first time in over twenty years, although initially I found it quite daunting,” says frontman Mark Burgess. “The question about new music is one I had been asked the most by people coming to our gigs, many of whom weren’t even born when our previous records were made. “

“By the time we’d got through Covid, Reg and I had a very solid band in place, people whose talent we trusted to bring out the best in whatever ideas we were able to get off the ground. For the first time in years, I felt we were a proper band capable of creating some interesting and exciting music.”

Couple with the shimmering and mesmerising ‘Endlessly Falling’ and contemplative acoustic ballad ‘Forever’, the new EP acts as a teaser for an upcoming album entitled ‘Arctic Moon’ that is planned for late 2024.

“We’ve managed to transcend the confines of our own legacy and finally forge something fresh, “ adds Burgess.

Chameleons are touring extensively throughout the year, including UK, Europe, North America and the Far East. They return to Manchester for a homecoming show at Albert Hall on Saturday December 14th .


Where Are You?
Endlessly Falling

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