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Nice selection of modern noise box shamans, synth wizards and midi SYNC sorcerers joining forces for the Bakk label. A triple disc delight which glows with high voltage currents throughout. There's familiar faces like Legowelt, Aurora Halal and Don't DJ; new school legends like Raff and SFV Acid plus a few other cats defo worth taking a deep dive into.

Shunning the more obvious and commercial end of the dance spectrum (you won't find any 'instagram-breakdowns' here); it's a deeper, more cerebral affair conjured up by our roster of producers which finds favour in more intimate recesses and dimly lit basements than it will the terraces of Ushuaia or Pasha.


01 Legowelt - Bos Ochtendmist
02 Aurora Halal - Spiral
03 Antenna - Break Flute
04 Sfv Acid - Urbanfury
05 M.s.l. - Hydrolic
06 Raff - Radiant
07 Tala Drum Corps - Gargoyle
08 Gen-y - Skystalker
09 Oceanic - Dala
10 Dont Dj - Nos E Care
11 Haron - De Papaverparade

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