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Now Playing - 2024 Reissue

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Introducing John Coltrane 'Now Playing' on Translucent Blue Vinyl - Uncover the brilliance of jazz legend John Coltrane through a tracklist uncovering rich gems, such as the iconic "Giant Steps", the soulful "Naima," demonstrating Coltrane's virtuosity and innovation, the enchanting melodies of "My Favorite Things, Pt. 1" and the tender ballad "I'll Wait and Pray" as the perfect start or continuation of your musical journey.


Side A
1. Giant Steps [4:48]
2. Cousin Mary [5:50]
3. Naima [4:25]
4. Village Blues [5:23]

Side B
1. I’ll Wait And Pray [3:35]
2. My Favorite Things, Pt. 1 (Single Version) [2:47]
3. Everytime We Say Goodbye [5:45]
4. Central Park West [4:15]
5. Body And Soul [5:41]

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