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Edoardo Barbi is an alias of Gledd, the label head at Saint Wax, co-owner of Radio Mundo Records and a prolific producer who hails from Italy but is based in Mexico City. For this new EP, he taps into his love of 70s church funk and classic gospel and serves up a quartet of emotionally intense cuts that each tell a unique story. They all have their own moods and subtly uplifting grooves and are defined by the famously meticulous production style of Gledd. When you want to make the dance floor move in a different way than usual, these four cuts should be your go-to.


Mine says: Phwoaaar... Gledd brings the heat on new (ish) label Kaninchenbau and he means serious business. You can literally hear the sweat dripping from the ceiling on all four of these tracks...


Get Back
Be The Way
Love Is Feeling

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