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Not Not Fun

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"NNF present the hallucinatory first LP from Rangers associate Peter Berends aka KWJAZ after a blink-and-miss-it debut cassette for the Brunch Groupe in 2010. We enter a potently warped world of decomposing ambient electro-jazz with 'Once In Babylon', ferrying us along a ferric-murky exhalation of blurry mixtape-styled moments flopping from loungey, twinkling keys to blunted synths and proggy rhythm switches to the deserted-harbour-cruising drones and soggy bossa-lite inflections of 'Righteous Wane'. His sound has been aptly compared with the more esoteric jazz of Madlib's YNQ outings and the culture mulching 4th world experiments of John Hassell, and there's certainly an affinity with the work of James Ferraro. Mind-bendingly surreal and utterly zonked."


Matt says: This is causing me to wet my pants a little at the moment - a sure-fire MUST HAVE for fans of - Sun Araw, James Ferraro, Rangers, Olde English Spelling Bee, Matrix Metals and anyone with a penchant for smeared, hazy, lysergic psychedelia.


1. Once In Babylon
2. Frighteous Wane

CD Only Bonus Tracks:
3. A Certain Sprout
4. Elevation Elation / Jah Wad

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