Subtraktive [remastered]

Image of Cv313 - Subtraktive [remastered]
Record Label
Echospace [detroit])

About this item

Approaching 20 years since its original release (2007 via Smallfish), now remastered to pure analogue bliss from the original ampex tape masters.

The sound on display here I could imagine as a soundtrack while submerging in a submersible diving deeper than the Marianas trench!

The B side now features an epic live version captured @ AIR, Tokyo, Japan. Made in the heart of Detroit, with love! 


Matt says: Benefiting from a high resolution remaster, these cv313 standards are now available once again, one sexy blue midnight vinyl to boot. Dub-techno classics, and a high watermark of the genre.


A. Subtraktive [remastered] 15:45
B. Subtraktive [live In Japan] 17:58

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