Seconds To Forever [remastered]

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Echospace [detroit])

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Remastered into analogue bliss from the original ampex tape masters conducted at the NSC mastering lab in Detroit by the legendary Ron Murphy (R.I.P.) Recorded from a live session near the heart of Detroit, using countless modular synths, analog devices and custom made effects producing a hypnotic state like no other; tugs right at the heartstrings! 

Expect gorgeous plumes of sound, deeper than the ocean floor and a groove you would expect to hear rumbling the walls of Panarama Bar at 6AM, a beautifully deep affair. The remodel strikes a space age groove, live congas courtesy of The Howard Street Rhythm Section (who appeared on cv313's live excursion), a subterranean bottom and an atmosphere to float in. The B-side brings the reprise of "Beyond The Clouds" which is a clear example of the power of repetition, in its near 23 minute journey one questions whether or not time has stood still? This is an extended psychedelic trip meant to drift in, to float in, the very soundtrack for deep space exploration.


Matt says: Benefiting from a high resolution remaster, these cv313 standards are now available once again, one sexy blue midnight vinyl to boot. Dub-techno classics, and a high watermark of the genre.


A1. Seconds To Forever [original] 6:25
A2. Seconds To Forever [reshape] 7:24
B:. Beyond The Clouds [reprise] 22:58

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