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Highly-anticipated debut LP from mysterious Polish quartet Bloto, who gained a swift cult following in their native country, with white label copies of Erozje selling out in a matter of hours. They combine rock solid drums – inspired by underground hip hop – with thrilling improvisational jazz, to create a sound that’s right on point for 2020.

The music is deeply rooted in brutal hip-hop grooves, referring to the sound of 90’s New York. Dirty and uncompromising, this music’s strength lies in the drums and bass as its sound refers to classics such as Wu-Tang Clan and Company Flow. Radical in a sense, it also captures the atmosphere of the times in which it is created. The times of the planet on the verge of disaster, distinct social divisions, hate speech, growing nationalism, police brutality, nepotism, and various political deals.


1. Kałuże
2. Mady
3. Czarnoziemy
4. Bagna
5. Czarne Ziemie
6. Rędziny
7. Bielice
8. Ziemie Zdegradowane Przez Człowieka
9. Glina
10. Gleby Brunatne 

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