Mato Feat. Lady Gatica

You Can't Turn Me Away

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Stix Records, a sub-label of Favorite Recordings, presents the 3rd release from its new Mellow Reggae Series project. Following two stunning covers of Bobby Caldwell and Player alongside label mates Ethel Lindsey, Mato is now taking over the famous hit by Sylvia Striplin, this time inviting his longtime friend and singing partner, Lady Gatica.

Produced by Roy Ayers in the early 80s , “You Can’t Turn Me Away” is one of Sylvia Striplin's sweetest moments of slow, smoochy soul music. So good it had to be covered by Erykah Badu, now we see Lady Gatica take on this mighty record with unbelievably dreamy results.

Almost perfect for a 'mellow reggae' retake, Mato adds lilting guitar, balmy keys and a palm tree elegance that'll have you endlessly rocking in the hammock as the afternoon turns into evening.

Limited copies. 


Paul says: Love this mellow reggae twist on the Sylvia Striplin / Erykah Badu jam! Just in time for beer garden season!


A. You Can’t Turn Me Away (Mato Reggae Mix)
B. You Can’t Turn Me Away (Mato Dub Version)

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