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The Dutch icon Orlando Voorn is releasing his second album for Deeptrax Records sublabel Contrafact! Having started his career in the early 80s with major influences of Parliament, Kraftwerk, Motown and P funk, he is now widely recognized as an ingenious (Detroit) house and techno producer with former releases on Juan Atkins’ Metroplex records and Kevin Saunderson’s KMS. "The Master 2" is the follow up to "The Master 1" as sees the producer explore brave new worlds of electronic jazz, Detroit techno and futuristic, yet highly soulful house music. Orlando Voorn has used aliases in the past to present and release various styles of music without limiting himself and is one of the most versatile producers out there. As well as expert sound design and brilliant use of textures and dynamics, the LP possesses a musicality that elevates it far outside the immediate dance music spectrum and gives is a universal appear and sophisication.  


A1. Style Is Free
A2. Jazz Hoppin
A3. 6 Feet Away
B1. Venus
B2. Jazzism
B3. Drama At The Opera
C1. Swing That Jazz
C2. Infinite Fusion
D1. Aquarius
D2. Bizar Escape
D3. 6 Feet Away (Funk Mix)

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